Corporate Development Workshops

The Improv Space is an improv and arts theater in Westwood, California with a longstanding history as a landmark of the Los Angeles improv community. The theater offers classes, shows, and Corporate Development Workshops (CDW) to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The Improv Space’s CDW coaches teams to adapt four core behaviors that serve as a foundation to both individual articulation and ideation, as well as high-performing, collaborative teamwork.

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The CDW aims to cover the below topics, but is a dynamic experience that shifts and adapts to accommodate the needs of the group.

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"This is a great experience outside the stereotypical dry boring and often in reality, useless office based training that everyone else offers. The exercises are fun, interactive and require everyone's full participation. The training also pushes everyone outside of their comfort zones and everyone leaves with something learned at different levels. Actually makes a difference when we returned to our day to day routine in the office. As a Manager, allowed me to observe and train with my staff in an entirely  different way, giving new insight and ideas to current communication issues, training needs and hiring considerations. At first and to some, the connection between this training and business may not be clear, but to any people based service, especially customer service involving phone and in person sales, this is highly relevant and helpful." 

Andre Navarro
Los Angeles Branch Manager


The price for the CDW which includes the instruction of all activities listed above is $800. This includes 90 minutes of coaching for up to 30 participants.

To book a CDW or ask questions, email Hena Naghmi at