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The Improv Space offers an array of classes that fit the need for every man, woman, boy & girl. And robot!


Using The Improv Space's philosophy and vocabulary of improvisation, students will learn the basics of creating an improv scene. Focusing on character and establishing a relationship with a scene partner, students will be able to perform in two-person scenes using bold and confident choices to support the scene and their partner.

7 Classes + Showcase Performance = $249


Building on the basics established in Level 1, Level 2 expands the performer's tools for creating a dynamic scene and teaches the technical aspects of creating a full set or series of scenes. Utilizing strong character choices, invested relationships, solid points-of-view, and raising the stakes or heightening, students will be able to perform a full set of long-form by the end of the class.

7 Classes + Showcase Performance = $249


Building on the technique learned in Level 2, Level 3 focuses on the different structures for performing long-form. Students will be exposed to different forms such as The Harold, The Form, The Armando, The Movie, and more. Students will learn a variety of forms and techniques to create a sophisticated show. 

7 Classes + Showcase Performance = $249

Sketch level 1:
intro to sketch writing

This class will teach you how to come up with sketch ideas, pitch them, and then see them through the writing and rewriting stages. Whether your goal is to write your own sketch show, get on a house team, or eventually get hired for professional writing jobs, this class can help. It will give you all the tools you need to feel confident about your writing. It's suitable for beginners or people looking to refresh their skills.

7 Classes + Table Read Showcase = $249


Now that you’re familiar with sketch basics, it’s time to identify and refine what makes you uniquely funny, and how you can bring that to the table at all stages of the process: idea generation, pitching, writing, and collaboration.

7 Classes + Showcase Performance = $249

Creating characters

In Creating Characters students learn how to develop original, dynamic characters based off of environmental, vocal and posture prompts, find their quirks, experiment with status and more. They will do some fun and unexpected exercises along with exploring how to write for their characters. By the end of the course students will have a handful of new characters that they have created that work in an improv, sketch or solo show setting. Best of all they get to show off their badass new skills at the end with a class show!

5 Classes + Showcase Performance = $249

HOW TO WRITE a pilot
without losing your shit

Pilots: the red headed step-child of the comedy chops trifecta. It can conjure up images of sequestering yourself away from everything fun and everyone you love to produce the Great American Pilot. None of that has to be true or necessary! This course will teach you how to come up with stories authentic to your voice, form them to pilot structure, and get you toned to write pilots freely and often. If you want to write for a living, you should get into the habit of writing pilots like it's no big deal. We can do that, together!

Prerequisite: None. Absolute beginners welcome!

7 Classes = $249!


"I would LOVE to work on cartoons, but I don't do voices!" After this class, you'll never say that again. In work on and off the mic, we'll cover the fundamentals of voiceover for animation -- polishing up the voices you already have, discovering the ones you might not know you can do yet, and learning just how powerful a tool your improv background is when it comes to working in animation. We'll also talk about the practicalities of the business, mainly: where the door is and how you get your foot in it.

Prerequisite: None. Absolute beginners welcome!

4 Classes = $249!


What fuels your improv brain? This 4-week intensive breaks down improv into measurable skills so you can be your own drill sergeant. Become more open, present and vulnerable by utilizing your inner actor, director and writer. This master class will dare you to face danger head on, challenge your assumptions about improv, and help you get out of your head so you can give your partner everything.

4 Classes + Showcase Performance = $249


Our Corporate Development Workshop (CDW) coaches teams of up to 30 to adapt core behaviors that serve as a foundation to both individual articulation and ideation, as well as high-performing, collaborative teamwork.

90-minute Class = $800