Alex’s workshops will focus on emotional honesty, commitment to our scene partners, commitment towards the choices that we make at the top of our scenes and most importantly playing from our hearts instead of our brains.

Alex Knight is a classically trained actor and physical comedian who has been teaching improv internationally for over 15 years. He has worked comedically with Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam McKay and Bob Odenkirk. His television credits include Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Narcos Mexico, Legion and Preacher.

Prerequisite: None. Absolute beginners welcome!

1 Class for only $25!

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Instructor: Alex Knight

Three Dates Available:
Saturdays, 1:00-4:00 PM
Monday, 7:00-10:00 PM

Class Policies



The comedy pilot writing class aims to teach students how to choose a winning concept and execute it from logline to a full script within seven weeks.

Prerequisite: None. Absolute beginners welcome!

7 Classes for only $249!

Instructor: Tesha Kondrat

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This class will take your improv skills and apply them to commercial copy and animation scripts. In work on and off the mic, we’ll cover the technical basics, how to look for clues in the copy, and how to fill out your stable of character voices. We’ll also get into the practicalities of the business, mainly where the door is and how to get your foot in it.

Prerequisite: None. Absolute beginners welcome!

4 Classes for only $249

Instructor: Robin Reed

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What fuels your improv coaching brain? This 4-week class breaks down coaching into measurable skills so you can be your own drill sergeant. Create more open, present and vulnerable students by releasing their inner actors, directors and writers. This master class will dare you to face danger head on (as a teacher), challenge your assumptions about coaching improv, and help you get out of your head so you can give your players everything.

Prerequisite: None.

4 Classes for only $149

Instructor: Anatasha Blakely

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You know how sometimes you’re watching SNL and Kate McKinnon is doing some brilliant character and you think, “I want to do that!”

In Creating Characters students will learn how to develop original, dynamic characters based off of environmental, vocal and posture prompts, find their quirks, experiment with status and more. They will do some fun and unexpected exercises along with exploring how to write for their characters. By the end of the course students will have a handful of new characters that they have created that work in an improv, sketch or solo show setting. Best of all they get to show off their badass new skills at the end with a class show!

Prerequisite: None. Absolute beginners welcome!

5 Classes + Showcase Performance!

Class Policies

Class Policies:

1. Students are required to see two improv shows at The Improv Space

While enrolled in an Improv Space course, students will be allowed free admission to watch improv shows at the theater. Before graduating their class level, students are expected to attend at least two improv performances at The Improv Space. These shows allow students to witness improv concepts in action, and brief class discussions of these shows will help to build an improv vocabulary.

2. Attendance / Tardiness

Students are allowed two absences in the event of an emergency or scheduling conflict. If more than two class sessions are missed, the student will not be allowed to graduate onto the next level without retaking the course. Arriving to class more than 30 minutes late will be counted as an absence.

For 4-week Intensives, students are only allowed one absence.

3. No refunds on or after the first day of the class

If a student must drop out of the course before the third session, the student may be offered a credit to retake the class.

4. Code of Conduct

Every TIS student has the right to learn in a safe, supportive environment. The Improv Space is committed to forming a community for performers to come together to create, inspire and risk in a safe and fun environment - it’s part of our mission statement.

Inappropriate class conduct includes:

  • Consumption of drugs, alcohol, or use of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) during class.

  • Destruction of the physical class space, which includes the walls, chairs, lights, doors, and other TIS property.

  • Inappropriate verbal, physical, or sexual conduct with other students or the class instructor.

  • Bringing uninvited guests to class.

  • Sexual harassment of any kind. Please see our Sexual Harassment Policy.

Additionally, students are asked to help foster a supportive learning environment without distractions. Students must abstain from eating, writing or reading text messages, using their cell phones, or talking while fellow classmates or teachers are talking.

Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and may result in suspension and/or removal from class without a refund.