The Improv Space Sexual Harassment Policy

The Improv Space is committed to providing a space that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is against the law and will not be tolerated. When The Improv Space administration determines that an allegation of sexual harassment is credible, it will take prompt and appropriate corrective action.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when the unwelcome conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual's training or performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or abusive environment. A victim of sexual harassment can be a man or a woman. The victim can be of the same sex as the harasser.

Harassment may take many forms, including:

  • Verbal. Derogatory comments, slurs, or name-calling; repeated requests for dates, threats, propositions, unwelcome and unwanted correspondence, phone calls, and gifts.

  • Physical. Assault; impeding or blocking movement; unwanted and unwarranted physical contact, such as touching, pinching, patting, grabbing, kissing, or poking another performer’s body.

  • Visual. Staring at or directing unwelcome and unwanted attention to a performer’s anatomy; leering; unwanted and unwelcome sexually oriented or suggestive gestures.

  • Cyberstalking. Harassment using electronic communication, such as e-mail, instant messaging, social media platforms or texting.

The Improv Space’s Responsibilities Under This Policy

If a theatre administrator from The Improv Space receives an allegation of sexual harassment, or has reason to believe sexual harassment is occurring, they will take the necessary steps to ensure that the matter is promptly investigated and addressed. If the allegation is determined to be credible, they will take immediate and effective measures to end the unwelcome behavior. The Improv Space is committed to take action if it learns of possible sexual harassment, even if the individual does not wish to file a formal complaint.

To Report Sexual Harassment

The Improv Space is a non-profit theatre with a governing board of directors. You can report misconduct and harassment to any of the board members and/or theatre administrators listed below. Our aim is to provide a number of people you can report to so that you feel comfortable coming forward.

Samir Forghani - - 310-806-1371
Ashley Opstad - - 909-510-0924
Darren Lanning -
Erik Latshaw -
Elizabeth Triplett -
Lindsey Hatfield -
Nathan Hatfield -
Danny Lampson -